Exhibit in Virtual Market, one of world's largest metaverse event... in an easier way!
Create your own exhibition booth in simple steps!

No 3D modeling software needed!

Hop on, start your creation without 3D model knowledge or background.

Simple and intuitive controls!

Move stuff around easily on PC/smartphone web browsers to create your own booth!

Focus on creating your masterpiece!

Leave the booth to the Booth Maker, let effort be on creating products to exhibit on Vket!

Now's your time to be a Vket exhibitor!

3D creatives including avatars, 2D art such as illustration, manga... anything can be exhibited on your booth! Let your creation be on Vket!

At Virtual Market

No expertise needed! All you need is "passion" to be a Vket exhibitor!
How to exhibit using Vket Booth Maker

Vket Booth Maker aims to support creators who find booth creating difficult by various reasons

We wish for more creators to exhibit in Virtual Market! That's why we've created Vket Booth Maker, a new browser based booth making system.

An Asset Sale Event for Booth Creation!








Access from anywhere!

Free to shop! Shop around booths on PC and smartphones anytime!

Wonderful assets from everywhere!

Find great booth assets created/exhibited by previous Vket exhibitors!

Buy assets you liked!

Buy assets to decorate your Vket booth, stylize them according to your exhibits and exhibiting world!

Join this event to enhance your creativity, enjoy your booth creation even more

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